Hitherfield Primary School and Children's Centre

Eco Council

Hitherfield Eco Council

Hitherfield joined the Eco School scheme in 2007 and have achieved Silver status.

The Eco Council is made up of children from Years 3 to 6 who work together to learn about many aspects of looking after the environment and the people in it to make sure that future generations have the knowledge to lead safe and healthy lifestyles.

Some of the topics covered are as follows:

  • How to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
  • The impact of littering
  • Looking after the wildlife and pond area; climate change
  • Safer travel to school and many more

Junior Travel Ambassadors

Within the Eco Council we have four children who have additional duties as Junior Travel Ambassadors. They help promote safer ways of travelling to school i.e. walking, cycling, scooting and public transport. The school has been awarded the Gold STARS Award (Sustainable Travel Active Responsible Safe) for the work that we do in encouraging our school community to leave the car at home.

Some of the activities that we participate in include:

  • Dr.Bike (bring in your bike for basic repairs and a safety check) 
  • Waste Week (old clothing was collected for charity) 
  • Empty Classroom Day (at least one lesson in each class was taught outside)
  • Visits to the Western Riverside Recycling Centre in Wandsworth to see how all our waste is recycled