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Welcome to the school blog portal. 

Click the link below to be directed to BLOG@HPS:

Go to Blog@HPS

You can use the blog to:

  • Show your family what you have been learning about in class
  • Have a look at what other children are getting up to in other classes
  • Comment on your class reading blog
  • Comment on the weekly subject blogs (Maths, Science, Art, Computing French)
  • Complete any additional learning which has been set for you by your teacher

All of our posts are written by class teachers and lots of them have fun activities which you can complete at home to support your learning.

You can leave a respectful and appropriate reply to any thread or comment you want but please don’t forget to include your name so your teacher can find your work.  Read the rules below carefully if you are unsure how to reply:

Blog Rules:

  • We always include our name and class with our comments or our teacher will delete them.
  • We reply to our friends’ comments by asking them a question or pointing out something we like about their work.
  • We never make fun of other people’s work or write something which might upset them.
  • When we write on the blog we use formal language like we do in lessons, we never use slang, txt speak, hash tagging # or emojis.

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