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Clubs Information

Welcome to our Clubs section of the website. This area is the central point for information about our extra-curricular clubs and includes the termly club offer and the application form for applying to join a club. 

These clubs are open to all children in the year groups indicated and parents/carers are not required to pay a fee if their child attends.

The day and time for each club is specified.

Clubs are generally offered to specific year groups as this reflects the experience club leaders have with particular ages of children or specific requirements of sporting competitions the school enters. Please ensure your child wants to join a club as their positive and active contribution is required.

Club leaders make every attempt to lead a club as promised but clubs may be cancelled at short notice due to staff illness or bad weather. For this reason, parents/carers cannot use them in place of childcare. We offer an After School Club should parents/carers need childcare.

In addition, other clubs are often run for specific purposes; for example, to provide further opportunities for children who demonstrate an advanced ability in a given area. Children will be invited to join these clubs by the club leader.

How does my child apply?

In addition to the Termly Club Offer attachment there is a ‘Club Application Form’ attachment. Please print out these application forms or collect one from the Main School Office.

Please follow these instructions:

  • Complete a Club Application Form for each club that you child/ren wishes to join and hand it in to the main school office. You must complete a new form for each club and each child, as these forms have to be distributed to the club leader.
  • Each term there will be a ‘cut-off’ date for applications. If you miss that date your application will still be considered, but it is possible that your child/ren will not access the club until later in the year.
  • Please inform the Main School Office in writing if your child no longer wishes to attend a club. Please do this as soon as possible as the place can be offered to another child.

What happens next?

After the ‘cut-off’ date the club leader will process the application forms and you will be informed about the start date of the club.


The Future

In response to feedback from Parents/Carers the school is looking to expand the range of clubs available. We will inform you when any additional clubs become available. If you are interested in running a club in the future please inform the Main School Office in writing.




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