Art and D&T

At Hitherfield, Art and D&T are a valuable part of the curriculum and play an important role in childrens’ development.  Across the school, pupils have the opportunity to investigate art, improve their practical skills and develop their aesthetic judgement.  

During the academic year children will study both Art and D&T. In Art, pupils take inspiration from a range of traditional and modern artists to create their own work. Additionally, some practical work is based on other areas of the curriculum which helps the children gain a deeper understanding of history, culture and religion. As we are partnered with Mlimani School in Dodoma, Tanzania each year group spends one term looking at and creating their own art based on a certain aspect of Tanzanian culture.

Children enjoy creating art at Hitherfield and have the opportunity to display their work in our yearly art exhibition and to enter frequent competitions. Due to our proximity to central London, children are able to visit some of the finest museums and galleries in London and partake in workshops ran by professional artists.  

Art and Design & Design Technology Progression Frameworks