Religious Education

Religious education makes a distinctive contribution to the school curriculum by developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of religion, beliefs, practices and traditions and their influence on individuals, communities, societies and cultures. Through this, pupils are asked to consider and respond to a range of important questions related to their own spiritual development, the development of values and attitudes and fundamental questions concerning the meaning and purpose of life.

Our R.E curriculum is based on the Lambeth Agreed Syllabus; encouraging the development of positive, understanding relationships within our diverse community and an awareness in the pupils of a moral approach to their choices whether their families follow a faith or not.

We acknowledge that the nurturing of a particular faith is a task that belongs to the family of any individual and pupils at Hitherfield will not be encouraged to take on any particular religious system of belief. However, as a school in England, we are bound to promote the spiritual and moral development of pupils and the R.E curriculum, alongside the PSHE curriculum and the Assembly programme, supports us to do this.