Hitherfield Primary School and Children's Centre

School Council
Greetings Home Learners and welcome to this area that we have created especially
for you. We know how much our Hitherfield families love being busy and creative, so
the teachers have put together a few activities, ideas for learning and useful
websites for you.
This is the page that you will need to visit whilst you are not able to come to school.
We will use it to make sure that you (and your grown-ups) don’t go crazy with
For now, your lovely teachers have prepared activities for next week (starting
Monday 23 rd of March). Another pack will be available on the 30 th . After that, it will be
the Easter holiday and, as usual, we have prepared a Family Home Learning project
for you to do together during this time.
If you still need to be at home after Easter, you will find a set of activities that your
teachers have prepared for you right here on Monday the 20 th of April…and at the
start of every week after that until you can come back to school!
If you are in Years 1 to 6, you will have a reading, a writing and a maths activity to do
every day (Monday to Friday) as well as ideas for lots of other things you can do that
week to keep you learning. There will be activities for children in Reception and
Nursery as well.
You will be using your Home Learning book or Special Book to write in unless your
teachers have provided a worksheet for you that you can use instead.
We will really miss having you around but know that you will work hard at home and
be ready to amaze us with everything you have learned when you are able to come
back to school.
Remember to keep practising our dispositions –
be creative
be resilient
be collaborative (with your family)
be curious
be risk-taking
be reflective
Oh…and don’t forget to be kind to the people you are with – we need to keep each
other happy! Can’t wait until we see you again…