Hitherfield Primary School and Children's Centre

School Council

School Council

A pupil School Council is formed each year. Each class elects two children to lead their class council meetings and one of these class councillors will also represent the class at the School Council meeting. Just like the Governing Body, the School Council has co-opted members who are invited to join because they have demonstrated excellent leadership skills.

The School Council is led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team; it meets every two weeks and takes an active part in ensuring that the points of view of the children are considered by the SLT. Last year, we decided how the school’s allocated tickets for the Olympic Games should be distributed, decided what information about the children at Hitherfield should be sent to our partner school in Tanzania and tried to find a way to make sure that the premises team did not have to work too hard at cleaning up muddy toilets!

We have a fund-raising partnership with the Esuubi Charity and have raised funds for the last two years to help in the running of the Ekiwumulo Orphanage Village School in Mityana, Uganda. So far, we have raised about £700 which has provided much needed water filters and contributed to buying solar panels which gives the school access to electricity.

 We have also helped organise events such as ‘Hitherfield’s Got Talent’ and activities for ‘Comic Relief’ and ‘Sports Relief’.