School Council

At Hitherfield, we are really interested in what children think about our school
so it is very important to us to have a way to find this out. Having a School
Council is a great way to help us to do this. 
If you would like to be a School Councillor, you will be invited to let the other
children in your class know why you would like to represent them on the School
Council at the beginning of every year. Your class will then vote to choose one
child they want to represent them…that could be you! 
Even if you are not a School Councillor, you have a chance to say what you
think about things that you think are important during your Class Council
meeting. Class Council meetings are held every two weeks and notes are made
so that the School Council is able to talk about the things that are important to
School Council meetings are also held every two weeks with one of our Senior
Leadership Team (SLT) members. Your chosen representative will go to those
meetings. It’s their job to make sure that the ideas that you talked about in
Class Council meetings are discussed and we try to find a way of doing the
things you want. The SLT member also talks to other school leaders about
things that you are upset about or want changed. 
Last year, School Councillors helped to decide our playground zones and rules
for the use of King Square and the ball court to help you feel happier in the
playground. They also made sure that money was spent making the cabin a
cosier place and to make more King Square courts in the playground. They also
made sure that you are now able to use the library during lunch times more
Our School Councillors are also asked to represent the school when we have
visitors and when we are invited to attend other events such as the Streatham
Remembrance Day Service. They also help to organise school events such as
Red Nose Day fundraising and Hitherfield’s Got Talent.