Hitherfield Primary School and Children's Centre

Children's University


Described by the Sunday Times as 'The University of Fun', Children's University encourages children to try new experiences, develop new interests and acquire new skills.

Who is it aimed at?

Any child from the ages of 5 – 14 who enjoys learning new things outside of normal school hours. This might be at a Hitherfield after school club,  a club attended locally, or a family outing at the weekend to a recognised learning destination (for example, to the local library or a museum).

How does it work?

Children are given their own Passport to Learning’, in which they write the name of the activity they attended or visited and the date on which the activity took place.  The passport is regularly handed-in at school, where it is stamped to acknowledge each session of new learning. This builds a log of the hours of learning which children have taken part in outside of the normal school day. Over time, the number of stamps contribute to the award of a certificate at a graduation ceremony at South Bank University.

How can I obtain a Passport to Learning  for my child?

Please request a passport at the school office. Passports are £5.00, which can be paid via Parentpay.

How will my child get their passport “stamped”?

Passports can be handed into the school office on a Monday morning. They will be stamped and delivered back to your child's classroom by the end of the school day. 

When will my child graduate?

When children have accrued the required amount of stamps, they will graduate from Lambeth Children’s University in a special ceremony held at Southbank University, London. The collection of 30 stamps will see your child graduate with a Bronze Award. 65 stamps earns them a Silver Award and 100 stamps a Gold Award. Beyond this, graduates work to earn higher level diplomas. If your child is in Year 6, their passport can be carried over to be continued at secondary school.

Good luck and happy collecting!

Kathryn Nugent

(Children’s University coordinator).