Educational Visits

Each term, all children are given the opportunity to either participate in an off-site visit or to take part in workshops here at school; engaging in activities that broaden their understanding of the curriculum or will provide them with an experience they may not usually have access to. Getting out and about in London and the South East has provided a great context for learning!

These visits are organised by teachers who are obliged to conduct a risk assessment to ensure that all potential hazards are taken account of and adjustments made to ensure that the children will be safe throughout the trip. 

When they reach Year 6, the children will be invited to participate in our annual School Journey. The children are always accompanied by Hitherfield staff members and stay in accredited residential adventure centres. In recent times, we have visited the PGL Osmington Bay facility and the children have come back with a great sense of pride in their adventurous achievements!

Contributions for Educational visits

Hitherfield Primary School follows current legislation with regard to charging for school activities. We try to keep costs to a minimum but will ask Parents/Carers for a voluntary contribution towards certain activities such as educational outings and school journeys. If there are insufficient contributions, trips may be cancelled.

If you wish you can contribute £20 per annum as a one off voluntary contribution to help support educational visits.  For siblings you can contribute £15 per child annually.  Please login to Parentpay and visit the Educational Visits area if you wish to make a contribution.  You can obtain your login details from the school office. 

Year 6 School Journey March 2022 Presentation