Home Learning

All of you will be given an account and your own special code to log in to Seesaw. Seesaw is our virtual learning space and you will also be using it for activities you do in class. 


Your teachers will use your class area on Seesaw to remind you of the skills you have to practise and to post your home learning activities.
They will also let you know that they have seen your post and might even send you a message back!
You (and your parents/carers) will use your space to find out what your teachers have planned for you to practise at home and to record what you have learned.
You can show what you have learned by writing, leaving a voice recording or even making a film!
You will also be able to comment (respectfully) on what other children have learned and to contribute to your class blog.
As you grow, you will also use this space to record the books you are reading and to leave comments about what you have read and how you are
developing as a reader.
Until you are able to do this by yourself, your parents/carers will help you.