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Secondary School Transfer

Secondary School Transfer at Hitherfield

The process across the year and the schools our children went on to attend

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SEPTEMBER - Parents usually start to think about the Secondary School process when their children are in Year 5.  Each September/October, secondary schools in Lambeth and in neighbouring boroughs, advertise open days and evenings when you can visit their schools.  It is a good idea to start to look at the schools you are interested in early, so you don't have to visit so many when your child moves up to Year 6.

 In early September when your child is in Year 6, you will be invited to attend a meeting at Hitherfield to discuss the application process.  Details of open days and evenings of schools in Lambeth as well as in neighbouring boroughs such as Croydon, Merton, Wandsworth and Southwark are made available. A speaker from a local secondary school in Lambeth is also usually invited to attend and available for you to speak to.

 If you are interested in your child attending a school in Wandsworth, your child will be required to sit the Year 6 test in this month, usually in the third week of September. There is usually only one test date. You have to register your child for this via an online application on the Wandsworth Admissions website, in July and August and the deadline for applications closes in early September.  The Wandsworth Test consists of verbal and non-verbal reasoning and papers are called the 11 plus.  Practice materials can be purchased through GL Assessment. 


 OCTOBER - Parents submit an online application for the schools they would like for their child, to the borough in which they live.  This is called a  CAF (Common Application Form), The deadline for CAF's is usually  October 31st.  If you do not have access to email or the internet at home or need support in completing your application, you can make an appointment either online or in person to see a customer advisor at the Lambeth Civic Centre in Brixton. Alternatively, the Lambeth Civic Centre  have a limited number of paper CAFs available



You will have a choice of up to 6 schools to list on your CAF and can choose from any borough. Only list the schools you would be happy to send your child to and do not just "fill up the form".  Be mindful, if you list only 1 or 2 schools and do not meet the admissions criteria, you run the risk of being offered an allocated school. This could be a school anywhere within your home borough. Look at the admissions criteria for each school very carefully. For most parents distance, how far you live from the school and siblings, if there is already a brother or sister attending,  will be the main criteria for which your child will be considered for a place..   In Lambeth, you are required to submit proof of address evidence to support your application.  Details of what is accepted can be found on the Lambeth website.


If you miss the October 31st Deadline, you must submit a CAF application as soon as possible to your home borough. Please be mindful late applications are considered after all of the on time applications have been processed.  This will affect what school your child is eventually offered. 

 Many schools also require you to submit a Supplementary or SIF form.  The deadline is usually the Friday before the October half term. The forms are available to download from the secondary schools and Lambeth websites and must be handed into each individual school that requires one. A few schools allow you to submit SIF's electronically.  In Lambeth these schools are: Dunraven, La Retraite and Lilian Baylis.  SIF's generally also ask you to submit a copy of proof of address document.  They usually ask for a copy of your current council tax bill.   Check with  individual schools if there is a specific SIF form if you are applying for a scholarship or bursary. E.g. in Lambeth, Norwood School offers visual and performing Arts bursaries. In Southwark, Kingsdale offers Music and Sports’ scholarships.


 NOVEMBER - In mid-November your child will be required to sit the Lambeth Test for many of the secondary schools within the borough.  This consists of verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and Maths.  Practice materials can be purchased through GL Assessment. 


 If you apply for more than one Lambeth school that has the test, your child will only have to sit it once at a school of your choosing. Schools then share the results. Please note, there is only one test date in Lambeth and your child must sit it to be considered for a place at that school. They will not be offered a place otherwise. 

DECEMBER - If you are interested in one of the Harris schools your child will be asked to sit the Harris Test. The test date is usually in early December. The Harris Test consists of non verbal reasoning.


JANUARY - if you are considering a scholarship or bursary for a private school, such as Dulwich College in Southwark, Whitgift schools in Croydon, Streatham and Clapham High in Lambeth, relevant aptitude test dates usually fall in this month.

MARCH - National Offers Day. This is usually March 1st and you will find out which school your child has been offered. Your child will be offered 1 school.  

Parents usually have 2 weeks in which to inform schools (if an academy) or the admissions departments of their local authorities whether they accept their child's offer. 

If you are unhappy with your school offer you can appeal. Appeals forms (usually obtained through the individual schools) usually have to be submitted to Lambeth for community or voluntary controlled schools by the end of March. Please contact Lambeth Admissions for more specific information. Academies such as Dunraven control their own appeals and should be contacted directly.

APRIL-JULY- Appeal hearings are heard. 

Further rounds of offers are made to parents once acceptances or rejections from March 1st have been received. Parents should contact whoever holds the waiting list, the school if it's an academy such as Dunraven or local authority if it's a community school such as The Elmgreen, to say whether they wish for their child to remain on the list. Parents will be advised how long their child can remain on the list. 



Our 2020/21 Year 6 Cohort went to the following Secondary Schools:

 Dunraven                                                   33
 Elmgreen                                                   14
 Kingsdale  (Southwark)                               4
 Chestnut Grove (Wandsworth)                    2
 Bishop Thomas Grant                                  2
 Norwood                                                       2
 Trinity Academy                                            1
 City Heights                                                  1
 Ark Evelyn Grace                                         1
 St Josephs College (Croydon)                     1
 Lambeth Academy                                       1
 Harris Crystal Palace (Croydon)                  1
 Landsdowne                                                1
 Platanos College                                         1
 Oasis Academy Shirley Park (Croydon)      1
 Graveney (Wandsworth)                              1
 Charter, North Dulwich (Southwark)            1
 Burntwood (Wandsworth)                            1
 Sydenham Girls School (Southwark)          1
 Maria Fidelis Catholic Girls (Camden)         1
 Lilian Baylis                                                  1
 Norbury Manor (Croydon)                            1
 St Martins-in-the-Fields                                1
 Harris Academy Peckham (Southwark)       1